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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Congratulations! :D

dear blog,

today, my family and i went to my little sis and bro's school for a gift-giving ceremony. my little sis got 5As in her UPSR and also she got a gift for best English subject while my little bro got 2nd place in his class. :)

sitting at the open-air hall with other small children, it kinda reminded me about myself when i first entered school life. when i looked at myself wearing skinny jeans, fashionable long cardigan with gorgeous handbag, time had passed so fast without realizing it. i had entered university. :D

my little bro, Amry, is the one in the middle. the right one is the first-place boy and the other is the 3rd boy.

well done, guys! keep it up! :D

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