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Thursday, November 4, 2010

dear blog,

i have only two papers left. both are histories. :(

history of art & design(art appreciation) is sooooooo HARD. everyone needs to critic the given paintings during exam. we're still a beginner in appreciating arts so it's a bit hard for us to do so.

the notes given are way too THICK. i am scared that i can't finish reading all the notes in these three days. actually, i can just start revising last two days but i was so tired after the final assessment so i had spent the two days just by sleeping in my bed for hours! O_O

and i can't believe that i haven't touch or eat rice for days. that's why yesterday, i bought a whole lot of rice with chicken and vegetables on a big plate. :D

then, i went back to my room and continued to sleep. man, this sucks! i thought of reading the notes but i just can't. my body is still craving for rest.

huhu....i have just wasted two days of doing NOTHING!

P/S: i'm stuck!

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