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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Second blog

dear blog,

i had created a">second blog where i put my homemade novels there so you guys can read and share with others. comment is recommended so that i can improve more. it's just only a few hours of its publishing.

i found so many bloggers out there who have the same hobby as mine; writing. they even have tens of stories with lots of chapters already! :D

but they write in Malay. that's great actually but i write in English but i can only find ONE blogger who writes in english. the others, in Malay. i'm not being democratic in this situation, it's just that my passion is more into my second language.

when i left comments on their blogs, asking to visit mine, i can't find they actually interested. i don't know. it's hard you know, to search someone like me.'s very complicated to start a new blog and collect viewers.

perhaps, i need to keep promoting my 'Silent Writings' blog to them so that they can share with others. please do so. huhu.....:)

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