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Sunday, November 21, 2010

So? What ya' gonna do?

dear blog,

yeah, the title kept spinning in my head since the first day i stepped into my house last two Fridays. what am i gonna do during this break?

oh, well, let me start with my first desire. it's all about catching up K-pop songs and dramas since i left for campus. i had left that world for such a long time and now i'm back, give me that broadband, and i'll show ya' what does fun mean to you?!!!!

uh....okay, okay. calm down.

the first thing that i do is watching the tv. then i surf the net to listen to my favourite k-pop songs. and of course, facebooking? who doesn't.

after a week of holidays, i suddenly remember about my class's blog. it is not well prepared, untidy, zero content and is not qualified to be published. so, i need to start to write the entries.

hmm...speaking about writing, i've decided to flip through my novel. my favourite novel, 'Love Between Cheesecake'. it's a homemade novel. my idea and my work. it's already at chapter 23....and i stopped there last 5 months to leave for campus. so, now, i wanna continue. :D can't wait!

how 'bout drawing? oh, yeah! uh....i need idea....hehe....:P there's a comic i've drawn long time ago but it's only one page. i dunno whether i wanna continue it or not.

reading.....yes, i have to continue reading back so that i can polish my English like i used to and gain more vocabularies.

wish me luck! :D


  1. Hahaha Ganbatte Kak Aini! Keep it up utk Love Before Cheesecake tuh. Sy pun tak abis baca sampai latest chapter lagi novel tuh.xD

    -Fyrin Hades