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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Whassup, yo!

dear blog,

hehe....i'm finally home!!!!! :D *cheers*

actually, i was already home last Friday. it's just that i was too tired to update my blog, since right after i was at my house, i rushed to my granny's house at Klang to attend a wedding ceremony. the internet line wasn't so fluent there so, i couldn't write.

so, now, i can.

i was the very last person to leave for home. my other roommates had gone home earlier than me. so, i had to make sure and be responsible to clean the room and keep it like the first day i came there.

unfortunately, i had fever. but nevertheless, i still needed to do works such as throw the rubbish, place things at the store room and etc. i ate chicken chop with my neighbour during the last day and we watched movies until midnight.

the next day, i climbed into the bus, and strode all the way to Negeri Sembilan. the journey was long but i was anxious and excited to meet my family.

seeing them in front of me made me realize that i had ended my first semester and right now, i can stay at home, do whatever i want that's got nothing to do with assignments. hooray!

my little sis got 5As while my little bro got second place in his class. congrats to you guys!

i bought them Big Apple.

hmm....i think that's all for now. hehe....:)

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