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Thursday, December 30, 2010

200th post! O_O

dear blog,

i don't realize it's already my 200th post. i write and write and keep writing....never realize to hit those three numbers. hehe...

oh, well, since it's my special post, i will write anything that i have in my mind right now. i need to do so since my broadband is going to be cut maybe tomorrow or the day after that because i haven't paid yet. lazy doom....;p so, i have to write as much as i can.

okay, firstly, i was truly upset since yesterday. my shoe size is 35. but every shoe store that sold the shoes that i dreamed of ranged the size from 36-40. damn stupid! none of them fit my small feet! :( i went to every store. but they 'killed' me in the inside. i was ashamed with the salesgirls. huhu....i wanted to start my new semester next year with a new pair of shoes. but luck wasn't on my side these days.

besides, my heart was a bit unstable now. why am i being a drama queen? because i'm writer? :0 anyway, it's about going back to Perak to continue my second semester in studying fine art. i'm happy and sad at the same time. mostly, it is sad. i went home last semester and began to get busy with moving in to a new house thing until i got only two weeks of relaxing and enjoying the time with my family.

i don't do any artwork that much. neither my novel because i don't feel like it. i need space, time, a resting mind and body so i can do all that in peace. but i just can't. now, next Monday, all the way to Perak. so my hope is, to do all that if i am capable to do there.

moreover, i am unlucky again. i get a room to stay next semester but the hostel is a bit far from my previous one. and i don't really like that hostel. i would prefer to stay at the same hostel but different room. that's better but it ain't no good when everything that you've planned, comes out the wrong way. but i thank God, at least i have a place to stay. :)

2010 is a year that changes me in various ways. the first 6 months is the time which i love but i waste it. while the rest months until now, i've gone through so many challenges and obstacles and i'm beginning to be independent. it makes me more matured.

and i am more into fashion now. whenever i go to class, i would dress perfectly and more like a fashionista. that's me. but sometimes i do wear in simple.

plus, i wanna be fit. if i can and have the chance, i wanna be fitter. before i entered university, i was a bit plump. not too much. but after two weeks studying there, i can wear skinny jeans, baby! :D my old jeans also fit in well. my watch was loose. and as i wore my favourite bangle, it could move. that's great. hehe....

okay, okay. that's enough. i think, i will end this post here. i hope to update as always as i can but i think starting from tomorrow and onwards, i probably can't. but don't lose touch. keep on following me. i try to update if i have the chance. :)

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