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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 things

dear blog,

here are some of my 2010 collections for me to wear. i just wanna share them with you guys. :)

my all-time favourite novel since 2005....:) my dad bought me the series from a second-hand bookstore. RM3 per book.

i dunno what to call this ball thing. actually, it's my big bro's. i found it when i was cleaning up his place. it's spongy and cozy when you hold it. it's flexible. :D so i took it to play.

my favourite handbag. i don't exactly make it a handbag. i mean, i sling it across my body.

lovable friend of all time. i never get bored of it. i can play my songs over and over every single day and whenever i go. :)

my headphones. temporary. i wanna buy the exclusive one next year. :p

the notebook that i use for my study and for my need. thanks, babah. the truth is, it's my dad's notebook but he lent it to me for my study.

the comics that i finally bought after 5 months of no-buying-comics-at-all....because my university is far away from these....huhu....

my sling bag. love it. but it's already torn out. but i can still use it.

love this cardigan 100%!

emergency cardigan...:)

my sweater since i was 11. it still fit in with my body....

that's all i think. i don't buy much to save money....2011 things are coming, baby!

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