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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2Morrow: Malaysian boy group

dear blog,

have you ever wondered yesterday's dream?

have you ever wondered today's phenomena?

or......have you ever wondered 2Morrow's revolution?

the answer for the third possibility is more to come and it takes you guys to explore more about 2Morrow!

"What is 2Morrow? Who? When? Why? Which?"

it's a boy group. *girls' scream*

"Korean?! Japanese?!"

take it easy, girls! :) let me explain about this group in brief.

2Morrow is an all-Malay boy group originated from Malaysia. it's a teenage group composed unofficially by 8 members that come from the same high school. their ages range from 13-16. the group is created this year and still fresh with lots of activities.

if you guys observe this group closer, it does remind you of Asia's best boy group, 2PM and etc. this rookie group is influenced by K-pop and J-pop singers. they dance and do covers. even though they resemble other existed Korean boy groups, 2Morrow has its own identity.

they are still teenagers but have big guts to bring a new wave to Malaysia which still poor in dancing pop music. 2Morrow can grab every teenager's attention and people from any age will go through an alteration of the taste of music.

2Morrow has just getting started to move. they have already performed at their school end year goodbye stage. besides, they are busy making their music video that will be launched this 20th of December. by the way, they perform for free.

2Morrow has its own fan page on facebook. visit and support them on 2Morrow's facebook. try the appetizer by watching behind-the-scene video on 2MorrowOfficial.

enough with the introduction? here comes the members! :)

Name: Zahhirulhaq Rifqi Bin Abdul Razak ( Niel Junsu )
Birthday: 26/1/1994
Age: 16
P.O.B: Kuala Lumpur
Height: 170 cm
Position: Leader, lead vocalist
Hobby: Amateur composing, cleaning, dancing
Trivia: - He's a fast learner. Lee Je Kyung is his younger brother

Name: Nasrulhaq Rizmi Bin Abdul Razak (Lee)
Birthday: 6/3/1997
Age: 13
P.O.B: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
Height: 168 cm
Position: Rapper, sub-vocalist
Hobby: Listening to music, dancing, rapping, singing
Trivia: - Capable to follow any dance step. Niel Junsu is his older brother

Name: Norsani Bin Abdul Nasir (Sseoni)
Birthday: 30/1/1994
Age: 16
P.O.B: Sabah
Height: 171 cm
Position: Rapper
Hobby: Playing video games, surfing the net, dancing
Trivia: - He likes to smile to anyone including a prisoner

Name: Mohd Arif Fadzillah Bin Mohd Ariffin (Rave)
Birthday: 9/1/1994
Age: 16
P.O.B: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
Height: 173 cm
Position: Sub-vocalist
Hobby: Dancing, teasing his younger sibling
Trivia: - His personality resembles The Joker in Batman

Name: Abdul Amirul Akhmal Bin Abdul Halim (Yuki)
Birthday: 30/1/1994
Age: 16
P.O.B: Subang Perdana, Selangor
Height: 167 cm
Position: Vocalist
Hobby: Dancing, singing, editing photos
Trivia: - He is well-knowledgeable in any field

Name: Danish Reezwan Bin Roslan (Nakatsu)
Birthday: 10/12/1997
Age: 13
P.O.B: Klang, Selangor
Position: Sub-vocalist
Hobby: Footballing
Trivia: - Has a big talent in dancing

Name: Muhammad Syamil Bin Lokman (Nickhun)
Birthday: 23/12/1994
Age: 16
P.O.B: 169 cm
Position: Sub-vocalist
Hobby: Surfing the net, footballing
Trivia: - He has skills in football

Name: Muhammad Amirul Bin Hamdan (Ryu)
Birthday: 20/6/1994
Age: 16
P.O.B: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
Height: 168 cm
Position: Rapper
Hobby: Watching animes, dancing, footballing
Trivia: - He's a pamper boy

now, SPREAD THE WORDS! :D support my cousin's group! :)


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