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Monday, December 27, 2010

About Aimonaz

dear blog,

here are some random questions that i make and i answer them myself just to let you guys know more about me. :)

1. why is the name Aimonaz and it stands for?
- it is my nickname that my dad made for me since 2005. it is a combination of my own full name. Aimonaz is also a name that i use for commercial and anything that has got to do with my work.

2. how did you become a blogger?
- i saw my big bro's blog and it's super cool so i made one last year. at first, it's annoying and i'm still creeping in this blogging thing but i find it interesting step by step. blogging will make you feel peace after what you've been thinking comes out in text.

3. and why English?
- i became a bookworm since i was a kid. but i was so into English when i first read an english novel in 2005. it grew in me and i started to compose my own stories using english until now. do not get me wrong, guys. i still love Malay language and i am malay. it's just that i like my work to be internationally known. that's all.

4. how come your artworks are 100% traditionally done?
- it's because i don't have a drawing tablet and my notebook doesn't have adobe photoshop or any software that can do digital drawing. it's a notebook, not a lappy. so all i can do is after sketching, i use drawing pen and i do the inking myself.

5. how come you know how to colour manually?
- i had once joined a drawing class when i was in standard 5. but i stopped after a year. i naturally know how to colour after attending that class. :)

6. how did you know how to draw?
- i'm not bragging because what i'm gonna tell is that, i have the talent. i started to doodle when i was 4 years old, before i could read or write. i made my own comics during that time non-stop and i still keep them as a treasure. years later, as i hit twelve, i got involved in anime and manga until current. at first, i bought a 'how to draw manga' book from American comic artist but it ain't help me that much so i began to practice myself. i keep on practicing and the result is, you can browse my gallery. :)

7. so, are you an amateur?
- i am not an amateur in drawing field because i've been doing it for ages. but i am an amateur if i want to promote my artwork to world wide.

8. that's drawing. how 'bout writing? when? how? why?
- okay, i began to write as i saw my friend, Miss Q, made her own novel in 2004. there're many stories i made since that time until now. the reason why i write novels is that i want to get away from reality for once in a while. and writing releases my stress and i love composing my own drama.

9. you have readers, followers, and popular posts, but why haven't other bloggers tag you or give you awards and you have less comments?
- good question. i know why. it is because my blog is in formal English. the blog which will get tagged, be sent awards and receive comments is the one that is in Malay. me? i'm in my own world and i have to promote and share mine to facebook. that's all that i can do. besides, the reason why i receive less comments is due to the 'Like' facebook button that i put in every post. readers prefer to 'like' rather than giving words. the people who comment, i appreciate it so much. :)

10. are you a fashionista?
- yes, i am. i love fashion so much! despite that i wear 'tudung', i need to match recent fashion that will look good on a person who wears 'tudung'. i like jacket, sweater and cardigan. i love skinny jeans too. do not miss Converse shoes. by the way, i follow K-pop style in dressing. that's how i fashion.

11. why don't you have a boyfriend?
- because i 'jual mahal'. i focus on academic and everything that i like to do and worth working on it. besides, i didn't have a hand phone until i hit 17. i had my own number and hand phone when i was 17. can you believe that? that's how my dad disciplined me. anyway, i don't feel like having a partner and i like being single. perhaps when it's about time, i will.

12. last question. why do you like the colour yellow?
- yellow is fresh, and glow in the dark. i wish. it gives you energy. it represents a happy mood and stand-out personality. yellow is me. :D

P/S: that's all for now. :) more to come when i have in mind. if you wanna ask more, just shoot via here or facebook.

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