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Friday, December 10, 2010

Beyond the unexpected

dear blog,

ALHAMDULILLAH! i am thankfully happy today. i got GOOD result for my first semester exams. :D to be honest, i didn't expect my result to be that good. it's a miracle and a gift by Allah SWT for my hard work.

i woke up around 9 am this morning with my back hurt since i did some cleaning yesterday. with a blanket that was still around me, i took my netbook and turned it on. i waited patiently. i went to open the student portal but failed to do so due to the busy server. so i decided to check via email.

i began to feel nervous as soon as i spotted the email sent by my university. i clicked on it vigorously. while waiting for it to come out, i prayed to Allah. then, pop! the result was shown.

i shut one eye while scrolling down the page. A, A, A, A, A...........DL.....

DL? i swallowed and blink. i checked it triple. DL. DL?

"yeah, you little punk head. it's a DL."

i curved a slight smile, knowing that it was a good news. i told my big sis. she was surprised. and i called my dad and my mom. my dad freaked out. he was damn happy. :D

after having breakfast, i went upstairs with my big sis. we talked and talked. when she finally into a deep nap, i lied in bed, listening to mp3 and my mind began to replay what i had been through before this that gave me the best result ever.

i cried a lot,
sometimes i thought of giving up,
i had to be independent,
i went through many negative obstacles,
i became stressed,
i called my parents a lot since i couldn't go home,
i learned how to survive

everything did make sense and some of it conveyed impossible. but i did my best the whole time. i tried to shine in the dark. i struggled to be noticed. and it paid off. how proud i was with myself.

now, i'm starting to believe in myself. and i finally know that i am capable to go this far even in the beginning. i'm not bragging. i'm praising myself. :)

well done to my classmates. they did totally awesome! ;D let's rock the class next year!

i won't mind other things, because i have made my parents proud. :)


  1. wohoo, when it comes to, AAAAA, then must be a 4flat one leyh.


  2. haha! no la...:) it's 3.69...:)