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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Do-nothing marathon

dear blog,

since last two days, i didn't do anything. not's much more like i didn't spend time to do my hobbies. all i did were eating and sleeping. :)

i did have the idea to draw, write and the urge to read but it seemed that i was becoming lazier and lazier day by day since i got home. perhaps, i had been suffering and sacrificing my time for my career (ceh!) before this. when i get the chance to rest and pursue my hobbies, i ended up being a slowpoke and lazy like a monkey. wait a minute. does monkey a lazy animal? nah!

i still have my group's blog which was undone since its first day of creation. i needed to write the entry but i just didn't. hehe....i'm a devil!

okay, okay....i see what i can do about that.

anyway, my second blog is doing quite well in these days. there were a few feedbacks and i was motivated. :) thanks, guys!

P/S: please promote my second blog to others.....:)

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