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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Family gathering

dear blog,

my family and i went to have pizza feast at pizza hut today. it's for my little sis and bro. the little sis got 5As for her UPSR while my little bro is going to attend his first and last circumcission. :)

we ordered the special and cheesy menu which was the latest product produced by pizza hut. we had good time together and took pictures like there's no tomorrow.

Amry loved the mushroom soup so much! he was so excited all the way to pizza hut because of the soup, not the pizza! :D


hi there! the blogger should have the spotlight too, okay? haha!

Laila....she didn't like to take picture and been captured so that's why this pic was a bit blurred.

my big sis, Siti Sarah. she will be a practical high school teacher majoring in english subject next year.

chicken + mushroom pizza

lost a slice

mummy!!!! it's-it's OVER!!!!! :)

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