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Sunday, December 26, 2010

First ride to the bombshell

dear blog,

my parents decided to bring my siblings and i to Shah Alam's most famous and the biggest market today.

"Pasar Tani Mega Stadium"

the roads all the way there were congested with lots of rushing cars and excited families. we were one of them.

i took out my digital camera to capture every moment that caught my interest...:)

wow! traffic strawberry jam! :D

rabbit park

a pet shop

good facilities

clean toilets


yummy! ;D
cute rabbits! RM50++ per one...

fruit plants for homes and businesses....


milk goats

with horse; my little bro's favourite animal

my little bro's first ride on a horse. he felt so nervous and it made him freeze during the ride. RM5 per ride.....:)


  1. wahaha...
    on my way..