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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mummy! Help me!!!!

dear blog, little bro, Amry who's still 8 years old, had passed his circumcision this morning along with his cousin. we went to the same clinic in the city. both of them were acting cool when they got in and out to be circumcised by the doctor. everything went well. there was no drama. haha!

during our journey to our home, we stopped by at a street stall that sold fishes. my mom and my dad went out to buy. meanwhile, in the car, my little bro began to cry softly. he said it hurt. but i knew he was sad that my mom went out without him to accompany with like usual. of course, he's the youngest. :)

anyway, the two of them can finally eat and relax after hours of laying in bed. they were fed and threated like kings.

hey, guys. it's only for a week, okay? haha! :D

wish you guys to be healthier after this.

the chamber......



along with his cousin....:)

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