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Monday, December 13, 2010

New place, new house

dear blog,

i've been busy last two days due to cleaning up the new house that my family and i will move in this Thursday. the house is actually owned by my parents when my big sis, bro and i were very little. then, when i reached 6 months old, we moved out to a new house. after about 18 years, we finally go back to that house. :)

it's too dirty and trust me, you guys don't even want to see the inside especially the bathroom. just writing about it makes me like throwing up. uwekkkk!!!!

haha! okay.

we started by collecting everything in the house and threw them out. then, we swept the floor.

'budak sunat' didn't want to miss to be part of us in this moving in activity. :)

my dad's a good carpenter. he isn't a real carpenter but he knows to fix a house.


we are The Sweepers! :D

take a good drink.

my little sis was painting the outdoor's fence.


poor little brother! he was covered by droplets of white paint! :D


we went back to Negeri Sembilan to make sure everything's complete before this thursday. :) tomorrow, my dad, big sis and i needed to go back to the new house to continue the leftover jobs while my other family member will stay to pack things.

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