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Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh, no!

dear blog,

i joined my family to cleaned up and packed things that we need to move in to a new house in Shah Alam next week. it was a hectic time and we started yesterday.

i was damn tired! but it worth it once i arrive at that new house. can't wait! :D

pity me, i couldn't watch my favourite Korean entertainment show, Music Bank.....AGAIN. i got home here, hoping to watch back as much as i want to but i was not lucky. i watched triple time only since my arrival.

everytime i wanted to watch that show, something came up and led me to turn off the tv or change the other channel. not once, it happened a lot!

now, i don't know whether my dad would apply for cable tv or not when we move in. on 2nd of Jan 2011, i 'll be leaving to Perak to continue my second semester. huhu...i had missed lots of great k-pop songs since i entered university life. huh. :(

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