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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The start of something new

dear blog,

after 2 weeks or so of packing, cleaning, and etc-ing, finally, my family and i are feeling the sweet of the new home. it's an old but new place to us and the house is a treasure to our family. the days that we'd gone through to make the house the best place to live has built a merrier love towards it.

we have turned the ugly and dirty bathroom into a white and clean room to wash yourself and you even feel like sitting in there for hours. the rooms are ready for us to bump in to our beds. the living room is free from furniture but it gives us spacious area to spend time together.

the front and back balconies are well constructed. and the kitchen makes you feel like home, cooking with peace and joy.

everytime i wake up in the morning, i still can't believe that i'm living in a new house. a house that i'd lived when i was still 6 months old. and i'm back to get the love back. perhaps, the house does feel the same too and it must be missing us so much. :)

the grocery stores, restaurants, and night market are available here and you can just walk there to buy things. and other facilities offer you a safe and worth living there.

my dad shows his love to this house in obvious. each time he's in the house, he will fetch something to repair or add to every part of the house. he will clean there and there, paint there and there and etc. :)

even though it's just has been only a week or so i live here and i need to get back to Perak to continue my studies, i will miss and feel like going home. :D

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