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Friday, December 31, 2010


dear blog,

mood: Miss A's Breathe

this song inspires me to start a whole new world in the year that ends with the number eleven. and i'm proud of myself and this blog. i thank It's Me Today so much because it is the only friend and place that i can share everything that happens around me. on 4ht of January, this blog is going to be one year and a month old. :) good job! let's stick together again until the world ends...???

okay, actually, i went to my young sis's form one orientation today. i'm thinking of writing about it and upload some pictures of it but i put that apart since today is going to be precious as the clock ticks at twelve.

my family and i just had a small feast. we ate our homemade wedges and other simple food. it's a fun yet joyful time to us since we shared each moment together. :)

i may be like one of those people who, every single year, attempting to have wish lists, hopes and etc to start a new year but in the end, you keep on doing your old habit and attitude. it's a cliche. is that a suitable word?

so, the conclusion is, just play with those hopes as least you're going forward, not backward. i wanna be a more matured girl. i wanna do good in studies and everything that i do. i wanna follow people to learn and i wanna be someone whom people can learn from. i wanna control my money well. and blablabla.....

i'd been searching for this headphones since last year, when 2NE1 wore them for their single promotion. oh, man! i want this! O_O i know that i'm already late and outdated but i never get the chance to purchase one so i hope next year, i can buy this headphones. :)

next, this sexy and cool red watch is my target in 2011! i really, really want this. i'm working on it. :) i don't care about the design or brand. if it's red, big, cool and original, call me. :D

omg!!!! supra!!!! yellow!!!! so energetic! :D

white is demanded too!!!!

red is cool!!!!:)

praying to God that i'll get all these!!!!

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