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Friday, January 21, 2011

Another quick post

dear blog,

*standing the back pain*

okay, are ya?

what a lame introduction, right? actually, i was tired. i had just finished my journal for sculpture class. i still needed to scan a few more pictures to apply into the journal, will print them out and it's settled. maybe i'll go out to do so this Sunday.

hmm....wanna now what had happened in these few days? it's damn hurt, man!

let me list out my assignments;

1. two setting drawings (painting class)
2. journal (sculpting class)
3. 14 drawings of idea development (sculpting class)
4. journal (printmaking class)
5. one subject matter drawing and 5 sketches (printmaking class)
6. presentation (visual communication class)
7. online exercises (English class)
8. resources (CTU class)
9. slow contour drawing (drawing class)
10. sketchbook (printmaking class)

all these have to be submitted next week. NEXT WEEK!!!!!

say no, no, no, no, no....oops! that's Beast's song, right? whatever....

this is how a second year student from the first batch for OBE system which means my department's subjects have been upgraded like um....i'm in my second year, i'm learning the subjects and gaining the assignments that should be taken by the third year student. can you believe that? it's stressing!

see? 10 assignments in a week and i need to submit those next week....omg, i'm gonna lack sleep again in no time....:(

okay, the clock is ticking around 2.36 AM....need to sign out, brush my teeth and bump into's LDK tomorrow.....zzzz.....goodnight.....zzzz

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