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Saturday, January 1, 2011


dear blog,

hehe...this is my first post for 2011.....:) you're doing great, It's Me Today. let's do our best together this year!

my mood for today is a thumb-down. sometimes i'm happy, and sometimes i'm not. i feel like sleeping for hours today but no can do. i did took a nap but my little sis kept on disturbing. duh!

the conclusion is, i'm not being myself. it's all because i'm going back to Perak tomorrow. even though it's three hours journey, i still don't feel good. i'm a person who likes to stay at home, who loves to be with family and dislike to go far away from home. but we need knowledge right? and it can be anywhere. it is you, to grab it whenever it is.


tomorrow will be a busy day and tiring one. and on Monday, the first class will start.

anyway, while doing home chores today, i've been thinking the good side to get back to Perak. i can share a room with my old roommates. i can meet and talk again with my classmates and we're going to be in the same class too. everything will be fine since you already have your friends.


that's all for now. gotta get back to pack my things again. :D

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  1. aimonaz,don't feel bad and sad about going back to still have us with u...