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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The tension has come

dear blog,

i had just got home from the dining hall. i did a few drawings and i was damn tired. :( even though i felt the pain in my back with my weakened legs, i still felt like blogging. it could release
the stress i was in right now.

okay, last Thursday, my roommates and i moved in to a new room that we applied for. it was located on the third floor. i thought everything's gonna be fine as we got into the new room. but the shower in the bathroom lessened our smiles. the water that came out from the shower was soooooo tiny. it was hard for us to clean ourselves. i was thinking of reporting about this next week.

next, for BEL260, we're gonna have a 2 minutes public speaking next week. 'blog' is my chosen topic. i hope i can present it well. :)

nowadays, my knees and legs hurt so much. it's getting difficult as i sat on the floor or walk. the reason is, during the class FND 150, we're needed to stand for an hour and a half to draw the subject matter of non-stop

just bought a new pair of slippers. :)

during drawing class, FND 150. fully marker.

during painting class, FET 202. while waiting for the lecturer to come, i did some sketches.

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