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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello, Perak!

dear blog,

i had arrived Perak today safely. i missed my family a lot! :D

my big sis didn't join us since she will be having a whole day program tomorrow at the school she'll be teaching. during the journey, i'd been thinking on how to not cry like i used to last semester. i was an immature girl and weak when i first became a university student and being far away from home.

but it was different now. i had known my roommates and classmates. everything will be fine. i hope.

i met with my roommates. we were excited after a long break. yay! :D

the room that i'm in for this semester isn't like what i'd imagined. it's far away from the dining hall and our old neighbours. the rooms around us are all seniors! it's damn boring and too peaceful....:(

anyway, the dining hall and uptown ran out of food tonight. so i had to buy butterscotch bread for the first time but i ended up eating biscuits. huhu....

looking forward for tomorrow's first class.

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