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Monday, January 17, 2011

I want that book!!!!! :D

dear blog,

i'm sooooooo EXCITED! you wanna know what? why? hehe......

jeng! jeng! jeng!!!!!

it's an art book but more into digital field. even though i'm studying in fine art, fine art can do everything. so i suggest to myself to buy this book.

there's a bookstore from KL that came here at my faculty to sell art books. oh, man! i would like to hang out there for hours! but my pals dragged me to the dining hall. huhu....:( there's another book about fashion illustration. talking about that, again, i like fashion too. it has a connection between fine art and fashion.

it cost for about RM90. student price. it's better now or never right? since i can't go to KL even though i live in Shah Alam. so, it's a great opportunity to have a KL art bookstore to come directly here. :D

but i bought the Territory only first. but after i got back to my room and had a nap, i dreamed about the fashion book. damn it! i need to grab that book tomorrow! i still care about my money but if it's about knowledge, money won't count, right? right. :p

the book had only a copy. i hope nobody will buy it tomorrow, please100X!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P/S: the internet right now doesn't allow me to do my blogging like i used to so i'll end it here. bye! i want that book!

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