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Monday, January 24, 2011

on 24/1/11

dear blog,

hahahahahahaha!!!!! :P

sorry, i'm feeling like a lunatic this week. seriously. with a pile of on-going assignments that will never last. and still, i need to join every program either the seniors or the department hold. and talking about that, i just had an induction today. for fine art student, semester o2. handled by the seniors.

honestly, it's a sad thing to have no pictures to share with you guys since i didn't bring one just to keep my handphone save from any 'danger'. you know what i mean? hehe....

we had to wear all black from head to toe. i didn't have any black shirt nor pants to sweat for so i bought a cheap black t-shirt. firstly, everyone gathered around at the foyer of our faculty at 8 pm. we were very anxious with a mix of excitement during the waiting.

later, the seniors ordered us to line up in groups. i was in the fifth group. we had eight members each. i had my classmate with me, Hani. the others....i didn't even know.

we were given the tasks, eight checkpoints. as usual, we needed to complete the challenges one by one. if we didn't make it, we'll be grounded.

our leader took us towards the first checkpoint. there's no running, that's the important rule. so we paced up and down the stairs to our destinations. i didn't remember well the things that we had done on each checkpoint so i'll explain in brief.

we had to do instant 'dikir barat', being splashed with water. besides, we had to mumble a song while stuffing unknown and disgusting water in our mouth. the seniors also drew on our faces with oil painting colour. we would yell to each other as we walked pass other groups.

the seniors were all welcomed to see us and i was kind of......looked up to the part 06-ers since they still spent their busy times to see us.

for the last part, everyone sticked together at the courtyard, sitting on the ground with hands against our eyes. a bunch of flying water balloons and bottles were thrown to us. we started to scream.

later, the guys grabbed a pail of water and chased the president. after a while, he was all wet with water. :D

the water coming out from the balloons was totally disgusting and worth throwing up for. it's a mix of 'kunyit', water, eggs and flour. damn it! my clothes were covered with trash!

after laughing out with the seniors, we straight away walked home to our hostels. during the journey, my pals and i ran in the middle of the road, screaming like hell. it was almost twelve midnight, so it's a waste to not enjoy the emptiness along the road that used to be busy with throngs of people and cars during the day.

as i arrived home, i immediately cleaned myself up and washed my clothes. while doing so, i giggled to myself, remembering the moments i had with my pals and the other wannabe artists. :)


  1. aimonaz
    damn,the flour still stick at my tudung even i have wash it 2 times