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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quick post

dear blog,

this post is a quick post about what i'd been doing in a while.

okay, tomorrow is the day for the four of us, my roommates and i, anxiously wait to get to know about the hostel's result. we're still staying at Melati Hostel, far away to the jungle. we dislike it so much since our old neighbours are all staying at Kekwa Hostel. we used to live there last semester but unfortunately, the management out us away to Melati. so we sent a letter on changing the room and block. hope that we get the place at Kekwa. :)

next, last Sunday, we celebrated my roommate's 19th birthday at KFC. we had an enjoyable time toegther even though nothing special about the celebration.

by the way, i had spent over RM200++ in just two weeks in a row. this semester's projects tend to make us bankrupt. we needed to buy three reference art books, one history of Islamic art reference book, etc reference books, art materials, faculty and class's t-shirts and jacket. blablabla......i couldn't spend for other than those things for myself. but i try to think the positive way. those books can help me through my studies until degree. besides, you need to sacrifice anything and everything to study, right?

okay, that's all for now. need to get ready to go to the night market to buy food. :D

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