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Friday, January 7, 2011

What had happened?

dear blog,'s still a short hiatus. i'm still relieving myself with the surrounding that's not so new or old to me. this week is the first week for this semester and i'm in my second semester in diploma in fine art.

there were so many interesting things happened lately. i went to my classes and my classmates and i had short briefings on what we're gonna do the whole semester. it's terrifying~ O_O

the lecturers are all good and well-experienced. they make us comfortable even for the first time meeting. but the upcoming projects seem.....urrgghhhh!!!!! i had three more core subjects this semester. they are sculpturing, printmaking and painting. huarggghhhh!!!!

we needed to do our own research and we're given only a week to do so for every subject. they're 9 subjects in total. huhu....very challenging. by the way, money is a number one thing that each one of us should have since this semester urge us to buy things that cost a lot for just one project.

anyway, i hope i can do better this time. no more playing. i'm grateful to God. :)

okay, next. my classmates and i threw a party last Wednesday to make our class rep to be more responsible and to let him knows that we still need him to guide us throughout the semester. we took him to have lunch together at KFC along with two new members. then, we bought him a cake. it's a really fun moment that we shared that day. we even rocked the place and other people kept on staring at us. hehe...."ade aku kisah?"

on Thursday, after printmaking class, the fine art department held a meeting for all semesters. there were briefings about etc and etc.....later, the coordinator asked for the dean's list students to get up. i was blushing. i just got up and took a deep breath.

everyone looked at us.

the coordinator called the name that got the highest dean's list and i was called for part one last semester. so i went in front and all eyes were on me. i couldn't hold my blushing face. :D i was given a certificate and the coordinator congratulated me with ease. and i pleased him.

when we wanted to leave after the meeting ended, a facebook friend came to me and congratulated me. he even asked me for my phone number. i never admonished him before but i did see him around the campus since last year but after the meeting, he met me.

anyway, that's all for now. i'm kinda....sleepy. tired, actually....hehe....goodnight. :)

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