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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hi, guys!

dear blog,

hehe....actually the mid term holidays had already begun but i always forgot to update my blog daily. totally forgot! because of work likewise.

okay, let's make it straight. i arrived at home last Friday safely at night. stepping into the house made me feel so homey and all i could think that time was to eat with my family and have a good, deep sleep in my bed. yes, i did those in peace.

i watched "Mary Stayed Out All Night", a Korean drama series that i bought two weeks ago. only now i can actually watch it. the drama was damn two thumbs-up! :D Mary was so lucky to have two handsome fake husbands! how i wish i was her.

hehe....fantasies kept on coming into my head while i was watching the series since i write stories so it's a normal thing to happen when you need ideas, right?

on Sunday, i began with my first work. i started out a bit....clumsy and lazy but i still ended up sleeping late to finish the first project. and the next day, good news, baby! i bought new headphones!!!! :D my fave!

hmm...that's all for now i think....still in the mood to do assignments....:) see you next, time. sleep well, my blog....hehe....

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