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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stays out all night

dear blog,

my, my, my! it's a pity that i abandoned my blog for days even though it's holiday. i won't consider the holiday as a happy ending. instead, it's a week full with assignments that your lecturer gave to finish them all and submit after the campus is open again for lectures.

huhu....i was busy....too busy with all the work and i totally forgot about updating this blog of mine. :(

anyway, let's get to the point about the title. okay, "Stays out all night"......adopted from my favourite latest Korean drama series entitled "Mary Stayed Out All Night" or "Marry Me, Mary". it was released last year, around november to december. but i didn't get the chance to follow the broadcast since i moved into a new house with no cable tv.

but last month, i bought the cd. damn it! the story is DAEBAK! daebak means cool in Korean. kang- is cool with his bohemian character. director jung-in is so sweet, gentleman, smart and good-looking. i wish to have a life partner like him...hehe....while wi mae-ri or mary, a happy-go-lucky lady with strong personalities ends up with those two men in struggling for true love. lastly, she picks jang-geun-suk. it's a mixture of sad and happy genre.

after watching the drama, i suddenly realized, i haven't continue my all-time favourite novel, "Love Between Cheesecake". i was running out of idea actually and had no time to write because of my study. the story's stuck in the middle. huhuhuhu.....miss it so much.

but "Mary Stayed Out All Night" gave me new ideas. :) the storyboard was so simple but complex and it made me feel like adding to my ambition fantasies, to be a scriptwriter. being a scriptwriter is like one of the most important crew behind the scenes to bring out the best drama. everyone depends on her or him because she or he is the starter. so, i would like to be a scriptwriter too. sounds great, right? hehe....

okay, tell me. how am i gonna write my novels back? right now, i have no time. really, really, busy. but i would like to spend a hour or so a day to write. it's like a therapy for me after a long day involved in drawing at classes. writing relaxes my's a simple way for anyone to release stress.

alright. i ask the question, i answer back, right? talking to myself, huh!

hmm.....tomorrow, i'll get back to Perak. huh! here we go again with those busy schedules and countless assignments.

P/S: i'm watching Asia Song Festival 2010....:D

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