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Friday, March 25, 2011

A day that worth fighting for

dear blog,

i had been struggling to get my impasto painting done for a week. every single night i would spend hours till morning to touch up the painting to show the progression to Sir Daud. every day. even when i got other projects to settle and classes to attend, i would try my best to find the time and show it to him. i received comments and i re done it back again and again.

honestly, i'm not in colouring. i like to shade and render in black and white. i'm more comfortable in black and white painting but since impasto painting is harder and a very challenging technique in painting, i told and urged myself to do my best and show the progression as many as i could before the assessment today.

alhamdulillah, i got A! :D

the real image taken by me

and this is my artwork...impasto technique...:)

with Cicak. she's the best in painting...:)

tired+lack-of-sleep+legs hurt+back hurts+headache+hardwork+never-give-up= proud face

at night, i join the 'perbarisan' for KESUMA 2011 with two of my classmates. we had fun because we got what we'd wanted for today. :D

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  1. wow aimonaz,your hardworking worth 4 you.wish you good luck and do the best to achieve your dream.ganbatte!