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Saturday, March 12, 2011

A future that only miracle can make it happens (Part One)

dear blog,

as a normal human living in a surrounding of amateurish life, it's a common thing for me to dream about my future. a future that i suppose, will make me feel great and motivated whenever i imagine it. a future which can make me a different girl. or, a future that only miracle can make it happens.

let me begin with the keyword. i remembered my dad had once told me that if i maintain my DL for every semester during diploma, he will send me to Chelsea College of Art & Design to proceed with my degree study. at that time, my eyes widened, my heart would just burst out in no time, and i began to day dream. he gave a mission. a mission that sounded impossible for me to do it.

but when i thought about how it would be if i take his challenge, i was sure, it's not possible.

firstly, i dream of myself as the only Malay girl, or to be in precise, the ONLY Malay, who gets accepted into Chelsea College of Art & Design to study degree in 2013. it will be a huge news that shocks my hometown and West countries. people will feel weird to hear it since that college is one of the best school of art in the world. so, being accepted is like a miracle.

my dream will probably be something better if i get DL and am the best student even during my first year there. the students there would be happy and line-up to be my friends. the lecturers will keep an eye on me and promote my artworks to each art gallery there.

i'll try to be among those students....:)

i would be able to have my artworks displayed and i would be form a thousand-watt smile if i can have my own show.

my parents would be proud. so proud that they couldn't wait for me to get back home to Malaysia, along with my success. i can make money when great masters buy my artworks.

i'd checked the website of the college. there's none. no Malay names at all. how come Asian people like Korea, Japan, and Chinese can be there? like, be around the foreigners and make the best artworks? if they can, i can too.

besides, i want to show that foreigners, do not underestimate Muslim girl like me and believe that, i can bring back Malay's pride and right.

but to think about it, this future i've been dreaming, it seems like only miracle can make it happen. it's obvious. or isn't? anyway, i am aiming for Chelsea College of Art & Design.

how 'bout you guys? is it possible or not?


  1. possible or not?i'm not at the place that different from my country will be a bit difficult.beside my result for last year not too good....but i'm still thinking about will be a waste if i not to try it first,right?

  2. yeah, it seems impossible...but if we try and work for it, anything can be reality, right? :)