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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Today's recipes

dear blog,

it rained heavily today and i was looking forward to get enough sleep since i had a tough week yesterday. but unfortunately, the seniors in my dorm knocked on my door and urged my sleepy roommates and i to wake up and join the 'gotong-royong' event this morning. damn it!

my eyes hurt and i was still lacked of sleep. however, i still needed to join.

everything went well until eleven in the morning and we got two stickers. later, i slept on the floor, so mad and relieved at the same time that i could finally rest in peace. i woke up later at two in the evening. went to have lunch with a roommate and when we're back at our room, we enjoyed movies and i hell didn't do any assignments. haha!

at night, i went to my dorm's dinner. my roommates presented a performance. we ate spaghetti and sandwiches. we had fun. a bit.

then, back at our room, my ex-neighbour came to share with us about AnwarHadi. he is a regular guy from Kedah who is now studying in Sydney. he takes Tessel. Anwar Hadi makes videos of himself to compose about what's going on around us and he talks about everything in general and even giving out advices. what i like about him is that, he speaks out something that i can't even figure out before. something intrisic. he's very popular on Youtube and i recommended you guys out there to check out his videos. yeah! :)

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