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Friday, April 8, 2011

High kick!

dear blog,

hehe...dear korean dramas' lovers, the title doesn't say anything about the drama 'High Kick''s a title that i think will suit this entry.

it's been a while again.

let me tell you guys what's really happening through out these days. okay, firstly, i have many presentations for finals and final projects such as painting, sculpting, and printmaking.

for printmaking subject, the final is a bit hard. let's say that my painting has 20+ different colours, i would need to print the colours one by one and it takes for about one day and a half to dry. just for ONE colour. can you imagine if i wanna do those 20+ colours? and that makes me getting my butt into the studio during my free time to proceed with the work.

the lecturer told us yesterday that the final assessment for printmaking will be held on 2/5/ last paper will finish on 26/4/ i thought i can straight away go home that date but unfortunately, there'll be 'gotong-royong' for diploma show on 28/4/11 and 29/4/, the result is, i can FINALLY go home on 2//5/11....huhu....damn it!

nevertheless, all i can do is just keep on staying here and finish up what i've started. that's the way it will be.

by the way, my final painting is still in process but you guys can see the progress.

wish me luck for my upcoming work, ok? i hope to get good marks.


  1. aimonaz,
    wow,...i like your the best!i hope you can improve in your artwork n wish me good luck too.

  2. sure, will do...and ur better than me, u know. keep it up! :)