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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Traffic jam!

dear blog,

seems like i'm not updating as always as i could since my broadband has expired. to save cost, i don't want to pay for it yet since it's just a week and a half left for me here to finish my semester.

it's already in final season, where purposely everyone started to feel busy. the situation seems quiet and other students tend to go home during study day. me? i do want to go home but to think about it in the first place, i have a pile of assignments for final assessments and a few final papers to go through. so, i don't feel that going home during study day will do you good. anyway, i don't have much money.

i'm doing good for the time being. i'm trying my best to do the best and be among the best. wish me luck. and i pray for that every single day, every time i perform my prayers.

okay, let me tell you guys about my examination timetable. i just had my first assessment today which was FND15o (drawing). i slept late last night to do the final touch. and it paid me. i was pleased with the marks that my lecturer gave me. Alhamdulillah....:)

this saturday, i will have my first final exam. CTU151.....then, BEL260 on the day after another. on 26th, which is my BIRTHDAY, there'll be my last paper, VCL155 and my second assessment, FET206 (printmaking). the next day, is FET204 (sculpture). and lastly, final one is FET202 (painting).

can you believe that? how can i study for my final papers and do the assignments AT THE SAME TIME? actually, it's possible if i don't play around and be more alert with time. but, i truly hate it when final comes. duh!

last sunday, i went to Ipoh Parade with my classmate, Wani. we went to Novel Hut, a place that sells old books with reasonable and ridiculous price. i bought a novel with hard cover for only RM1....see? i've read the book until half of the of it. very interesting. it's about a suspense and thrilling story and i salute the author for writing two thumbs-up novel. :)

sizzling noodles! :D

hey, there!

this is Wani...:)

this year is a different year for me. why? because my birthday falls on the day that i have my finals and where i have to stay in Perak. not with my family. not celebrating the day that i wish i would. i'm so sad deep inside my heart.

to me, i dislike to celebrate my birthday which is not on my birthday. my parents will pick me up on 30th of April. oh, well, it's a bit bad this year. or year onwards....huhu....

by the way, last Tuesday, Sya and i decided to take a break and have dinner at Pasar Malam in my own campus. we talked and talked like there's no tomorrow! haha!

okay, that's all for now. actually i have more to share with you guys but since i'm paying for this internet line, so i would better stop. hehe.... bye! :)

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