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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A common goodbye

dear blog,

i am totally, totally, dislike leaving my home back there and go to Perak. again.

today i was neglected when my big sis asked me to help her wash her car. my dad said so too as he wanted to wash his pickup. so i just followed them but i sat by the street side, turning in and out the pipe's head. when we were finished, i lied down in front of the tv. my dad prepared us all some desserts and i ate them. later, i felt like taking a nap. if you guys wanna know, i am a person who will feel sleepy when i get to know that tomorrow's a day that i wish i don't go through. so, i slept for three hours while my family cooked food. we didn't eat lunch.

after performing my Magrhib prayer, i reluctantly dragged my luggage onto the floor and began packing my clothes. i was sad. truly sad. i did not even smile or make jokes when my other siblings came into the room. i felt like crying but couldn't since i did during first semester and from that onwards, my family called me a crybaby. i hated it when they said that. i knew that i could easily get homesick but my results turned out well every semester so what's the big deal for them to call me a crybaby? a crybaby that brings victory to the family? they should stop that because everytime they do, i can easily shed tears.

just then, my dad stopped in front of the door, telling me to come out for another bag as my luggage was fulled. i just nodded. later, my mom joined. obviously, i thought i was going to cry at the precise time but i hold it. then we had dinner.

i asked for little amount of rice. as i started to eat, i felt that tears were filling my eyes but i rubbed them and continued to eat. during dinner, my homesick-wannabe emotion turned to a bit happiness because we all had fun.

after dinner, i continued to packed my things. while doing so, i told myself that everything's gonna be fine as soon as i meet with my roommates and classmates. the first week is a week of feeling homesick and that's very common for a girl like me and i admit it. but i tend to train myself to not cry. :)

p/s: Perak, do good with me this semester. :D


  1. what happen? where're are you going? why??

  2. hehe....nothing serious. :) just go back to uitm perak...:D