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Sunday, May 22, 2011


dear blogs,

oh, how i miss to blog! :D

even though i am home, the internet doesn't seem to make friends with me until last Friday, Unifi team came to my house to install it's offers. my dad applied for it last month if i'm not mistaken and i can finally surf the internet without buffering.

we got cable tv, home wireless telephone and 10GB internet line. ;)
i was extremely happy that day and immediately downloaded everything that i had in my mind before that day.

i am able to catch up my favourite k-pop songs that i'd missed since early of this year until recent. it's totally fun but the bad news is, i have only a week to enjoy it. then i'm going back to Perak to begin my third semester. huhu....i don't want to! :(

anyway, i bet you guys know about this latest, heart-breaking drama series entitle Juvana. it airs on TV3 every Monday at nine pm. the story line is totally nerve-racking and interesting. to those who happens to like Japanese drama, perhaps you guys know about this kind of story right? to me, Juvana resembles a lot like Gokusen. Gokusen tells about delinquent students and a female teacher. but what makes it different is that Juvana is based on prison-like school kind of scenery. what am i babbling about?

okay, easy to say, these two stories are using the motive of delinquent students from zero to hero and there's always a female teacher who comes to change them. :)

to my surprise, i like Juvana. it is something new for me to begin favouring local dramas. now that is what i'm talking about. at last, there are producers, scriptwriters and directors that wanting to do this kind of genre.

i am an anti against local dramas that only circulate their story lines into business-romance-thriller genre. besides, generations nowadays are craving for young actor or actress. so Juvana has succeed in filling my taste in watching drama. congratulations. *clap*

hmm....what's next? oh, yeah! i have finished reading the novel Eleven Hours. a recommended book by myself that you guys should read. but unfortunately, it's a book from 90s. i bought it from a secondhand bookstore. anyway, i fancied the way the author wrote and i like her high class vocabularies. time to pile up my vocabulary books. :D

yesterday, my family and i went out to buy ingredients to make sushi. we wanted to buy wasabi, but it's hard to find it even at the big supermarkets. so we bought the sachets one. damn, it's so SPICY!!!!!! :D it's been a while for us to make sushi so we made it together at the living room. it's so fun, spending with family. i still have the leftover in the fridge. hehe....

so, this is just a warm-up before i start to blog more often....:) bye!

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