Shout out/Memo


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Something to shout about

dear blog,


sorry, sorry.
it's supposed to be ALHAMDULILLAH.......:D

okay, my second semester's result were out this morning. i checked it around one in the morning. since the facebookers who were in the same boat as i was had checked earlier, i was taught to do so. i clicked on the link and prayed. maybe it was jammed, so while waiting for the result to load, i went to bathroom. damn it! i was damn nervous that time!

as i went back to my netbook, the result was already there. i closed my eyes, scrolling down the page. then, i half-opened them. straight As......straight, As.....

i had my throat filled with saliva and i was supposed to swallow, but i didn't. i scrolled down again until the bottom of the page. ohmygod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i gasped. i did not blink. and my heart pounded ever so hard. i breathed out several times and immediately jumped up.

i cupped my mouth with both hands and ran here and there! my mom who was in the bathroom, stopped for a while and opened the door, asking why? my big sis quickly got out of her room, puzzled. i pointed at my netbook, telling her to check it out herself. as i was too surprised to tell my mom, she sighed and continued her business in the bathroom.

my big sis wowed. she congratulated me and just then, my dad who was half asleep, went out of his room to go to the bathroom, but i stopped him and tell my result. his eyes widened. he imitated me the way i was cupping my mouth non-stop. :D he was happy for me. later, my blur mom joined. she could not believe it.

now i can actually feel calm after a nerve-breaking week. hehe.....

i got DL. again. thank you Allah! :D

my pointer increased unexpectedly to my expectation. i was hoping for DL but what i got was way too far from my dream. :) it's a positive thing.

as far as i know, a lot of my classmates achieved DL too! congratulations, guys!

i was too happy until i fall asleep after three hours of lying in bed.