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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things that I must have for next semester

dear blog,

finally, i'm back to blogging. actually, i was not in the mood before this to continue updating my blog since the internet line was not that great. but the good news is, my home will get fully wirelessed by using Unifi this friday. yes3! i will download lots of videos that i've been craved for all this time! (evil laugh) :D

okay, let's get back to the main title for this entry. for the third semester which will start this late of May, i decided to renew my belongings such as outfits, footwear, and style. style? hmm....i dunno.

let me list out the things that i wanted.

1. a pair of sneakers(done)
my old one were torn out because i wore them for three years. such a long period for shoes to wear, right? hehe....anyway, i got a new pair in white colour which means, my wish for must have stuff for 2011 were granted! yay! :D

2. a new sling bag(granted)
yes, my old one was worn out badly. it was my favourite but my mom told me to throw it away since it looked like a rubbish. okay, so i got a new sling bag. actually, it was my high school days sling bag. i took it back from my grandma's house. it still can be used. love it. :)

3. a new bag for my netbook(granted)
the old ones. the zip was broken. it's still new but what else can i do if the zipper couldn't be used anymore? so i altered into a new one. not literally new, it's just that i will use an old bag that looked like new.

4. a new set of baju kurung(granted)
i had just bought a pair of clothes for my mom to sew them into baju kurung. it has the colours light grey, dark blue, and black. i even bought along a matching tudung.

5. new tudung(granted)
i bought black colour one and i took another black from my big sis. this is important because for third sem, i may destroy my tudung so i should require some spares.

6. a bunch of new shirts & pants(90% granted)
i have them all. except for baggy pants. i'm still searching for it.

7. a new pair of flat shoes
still looking. i want to have a fresh look for myself. :)

i think that's all for now....:)

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