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Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's getting hotter

dear blog,

yes, it's getting hotter day by day in here at Perak. it's already a week since i was here last Sunday. rain came down twice. it's so hard to feel breezy here because the current season is called 'hot'. okay, i should stop babbling.

alright, let me tell you guys about last Thursday. there was a fine art meeting for 02 until 06 students. like usual, we listened to the same briefings. plus, the coordinator gave certificates and presents to the best students for every part and i was the one for last semester's result. :)

the certificate...alhamdulillah....:)

the present....cookies? huhu....

besides, on that day, i had an English class. it was the first time i was formed into a group with some of B's students. mostly boys. it was a bit awkward for me to communicate with them because i was not that close with them even though we had been combined since last semester. however, i acted professionally by starting out the discussion. and thank goodness, each one of us was becoming comfortable.

on Friday, i attended my time-based media class. i was going to learn about digital painting. it was a computer lab and the computers were all Apple-based. the monitor was huge enough for me to watch movie from a far away distance. each one of us sat at a computer. damn it! it was so difficult to use Apple type of computer! i didn't know how to find 'My Computer' or other applicants i used to have for my netbook. besides, i couldn't right-click the mouse. so weird!

finally, i managed to adapt myself but not 100%. for that subject, we needed to use Adobe Illustration software. for the project, we were given the instructions to design an interior place. by looking at senior's works, i was excited to proceed. for the first assignments, each one of us had to write out 200 words about digital painting and present it using slide show next week. huhu.....

when the lecturer left, i immediately surfed the net and opened student portal site. i registered typography subject for elective one. the others went for hand built technique where they will need to learn about ceramic.

this is the typography i'm talking about....:)

yesterday, nothing interesting that i did. i woke up late in the morning and accompanied my roommate to Bandar U to buy birthday present for her classmate. then at night, we had dinner at downtown. i fall into a deep sleep as soon as i got to my room.

today, i started to do my assignments. i studied my reference book about landscape painting and began drawing it.

first drawing

second drawing

okay, that's all for now...bye! :D

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