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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Penang! Here I Come! :D

dear blog,
Pakat Mai Sini~!

hehe....yeah, my classmates and i went to a trip to Penang today. even if it was just a one-day trip, we're still excited and anticipated. the outfits that i wore for the trip, i decided to have a hip-hop and manly style so i chose straight cut black jeans, a light brown male shirt, a long red cardigan, white 'tudung', and a pair of white sneakers. i used backpack so it will be easy for me to walk without having any trouble holding things. besides, i came to my faculty's foyer with big guts.

in front of the faculty

it was exactly 6.30 am as i arrived at the foyer. other students were there too. for this trip, all fine art students for 03 were involved but many of them weren't there because they went home. so, only two buses.

when the buses arrived for all of us, i sat on the first third row seats along with my classmate. each bus was filled with two classes. there were four classes. so 2-2.

as usual, whenever a trip was made, as soon as the bus started, the sound of plastic ripping could be heard starting from my back seats and backwards to the end of the bus. and munching- vigorously kind of sound began to fill the bus. i laughed to myself. people are all the same. :) i didn't eat because i don't bring any snacks.
 at a fruit stall

waiting for the bus to open its door

around nine in the morning, the buses stopped at R&R Sg. Perak. it was soooo big! there were escalators and all. but too bad it was damn early that we came, the restaurants there only served buffet breakfast. i thought i wanted to warm my tummy so i ordered for bihun soup but the owner said his stall will cook that thing in another half an hour. in that precise another half an hour, we needed to get back to the bus.

having breakfast

so i just bought a dumpling and sandwich.

after 9.30 am, everyone got back to the buses. it was a long journey but the driver made it short by opening a movie for us to watch. totally entertaining. but after a while, i was bored so i decided to take a nap. but as soon as i closed my eyes for about ten minutes, my pal at my left woke me up abruptly. i was shocked.

"What?!" i shouted. she pointed her index finger at the window. i took a peek. wow! we were already in the middle of Penang's Bridge! everyone stood up to capture the moment with their own cameras.

when the buses went into the city of Penang, we were struck by lots of anxiety and any other positive feels. the city was far better than KL to my opinion. the skycrapers there were very well designed. everyone was so  eager.

finally arrived at Penang!

the bus pulled in beside a building called 'City Hall'. at that place was Padang Kota Lama. i felt like screaming as my feet reached the ground. happy, chicky!

we were told to wander around the place to take pictures for our projects and do some sketches. at 2 pm, we will need to get back to the bus. so, i was the first to start the walk. my pals and i went to a place near the sea. sea? i thought so. we took pictures, laughed, and walked. suddenly, a man talked loudly. he didn't just talk, he babbled in nonsense. he wore torn out pants  and shirt and even walked around like a mad man. we were damn scared, wondering whether he was going to hurt us.

with classmate beside the 'beca'

Europe? nope....hehe....

later, we finally figured out about his nonsense talk. he shouted out about 'pantun', Malay's poem. we were doing some sketches at that precise area, and he stood in front of us and began, "Kalau pandai melukis, kenapa tak pandai berpantun?!"

the mad man

i exchanged look with my pal, furrowing our brows. then, he continued, "Wahai cik adik manis, yang bertudung putih, berjaket merah, melukis gambar sebagai kenangan."

okay, he was talking about me.

my classmates and other students laughed. i shook my head. the mad man strolled to other area which was just five feet from where i was, showing off his 'pantun' skill to the people there.

"Wahai cik abang, berbaju kemeja berjenama Puma, berseluar...."
"Hei, cik adik manis, bertopi cantik, sungguh jelita..."
"Cik adik manis, tangkap gambar guna kamera, sebagai kenanga...." me, that's not 'pantun'. that's a gibberish 'pantun'. duh! every tourist that happened to walk there will stared at that mad man. hehe....who didn't, right?

browsing through the keychain

after i had finished one sketch, i bought a keychain nearby as a memento. i put the name Aini. RM4 only. :) later, we visited Balai Seni Lukis Negeri Pulau Pinang. it was so near to the place we were at and we could just walk there. we came in and gawped. so exclusive! i saw a signboard telling about no camera is allowed and no pictures. such a waste. but a student from B class just took a picture, totally near the counter and there was a man there. the worker i mean.

 the entrance

but that man just kept silent. he didn't bark. so, 'apa tunggu lagi?' i took out my camera and captured what i wanted. that was the first time i entered the place i wanted to do so since i studied in fine art course. :D

we didn't just strolling around, we learned. i studied a painting and figured the technique and brushstrokes used by the painter. it was such a wonderful time for me. later, a bunch of students from other classes entered.  hoho, we were the first group to come there.

i bought an art book cost only RM5. it was small and thin but inside the book, there was a compilation of oil paintings from a Malaysian artist. for reference, yes, i bought it. i even got three free books of arts from the counter man. after we were satisfied, we went to perform our solah and bought some snacks from a moving stall. the fish balls were so big! :D yummy~

when everyone had gathered into the buses, we headed to a toy museum. i was damn excited. there were action figures in there! wow! i took pictures as many as i could.


 Egypt-style seat

 opening the door to Egypt...:P


 Batman forever~

my old time cartoon! Power Rangers!!!!

 huh? Chucky?!!! 

 please, don't shoot me! 

hey, ya, fellas!

our next step was The Tropical Spice Garden. it was located almost by the sea and on a high place. we entered the place. such a green area. i looked up. the garden almost look like an original wood. we were divided into three groups. my group followed an old instructor. he was a researcher, a lecturer and i dunno....hehe....he was so humble that he just wanted himself known as sifu.

he taught us about all kinds of herbs there. Kacip Fatimah, Mas Cotek, Misai Kucing, Belimbing Batu, Belimbing Tanah and etc....those herbs had their own scientific names. that sifu was a 'warak' man. he cried whenever he talked about Allah SWT.

next, we went to the sea across the Spice Garden and bought 'air nyok', which meant coconut drink. :D

Masjid Terapung Tg. Bunga was the next location. to those who didn't perform their prayer yet for Zohor and Asar, they went there to do so. after that, we headed to Komtar, a place to shop till you drop. we were told to have dinner and gather back at 9 pm.

i followed two pals to Pizza Hut. we just bought personal pizza each. no ginger bread, no drink. just that. then, we wandered around the mall. i didn't shop but i bought food. hehe....

after having dinner and shopping, we got back to our buses and our journey began. everyone slept made the bus felt into silence. the bus dropped by at R&R Batu Gantang. then, we headed straight to home.

at precise 1.03  am, we arrived at our faculty. everyone climbed down the bus in half asleep. we walked slowly to our own hostels. as i reached my room, i dropped my back, went to brush my teeth and wash my face, then i hopped onto my bed. goodnight..... that's all about my trip to Penang. have a nice read and like. :)

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