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Friday, June 24, 2011

Quick post!!!!!

dear blog,

it hurts me when i didn't even get to update my blog. i miss this blog of mine sooooo much! :( pardon my laziness. actually it's not about laziness. because of assignments and the internet line here were the causes. when i wanted to update, something else came out. huhu....

anyway, today, i was in the library, updating this blog. so, my pictures that i was suppose attach on here were at my room. too bad. but i'll try to share them next time.

okay, let me begin with last two weeks. i went home to Shah Alam during weekends. it's just that i felt like going home since i never got the chance to do so when i was in part one and two. so this semester, i decided to go home once. by the way, i didn't have any heavy assignments yet. thank goodness.

i bought my art things at an art store near Uitm Shah Alam. i even bought an easel that can be used indoor and outdoor. the easel was alumimum-made-of and it was pretty a piece of cake to put it up compared to my classmates' easels. they ordered earlier and bought earlier than me but they picked a wooden easel. i didn't know about the practicalness of that easel but i supposed mine was better.

i had to paint three landscape paintings using watercolour on watercolour papers. my dad taught me to watch tutorials from the internet and practice. but i thought time was already too short for me as i had to submit them on Monday. but i just did what he told me. and Alhamdulillah, i made it. not too good but i was satisfied.

next faculty will be launching an art program entitled AFA 8th or Fiber Art show where artists from Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines will join the club. besides, my class will be involved with that program by helping my mentor, Encik Aznan to pursue his project for the show. we were so excited. i bet that show will be totally impeccable. hehe...actually, impeccable was a word i just got to know last night from watching the English movie, 'Dorian Gray'. such a nice movie but very 19+ years old kind of movie but i like the British accent. i even learned new vocabs. impeccable was one of them. :)

tomorrow, all 03 fine art students will go to a trip to Penang. only a day. the truth was, we were supposed to go there this 28th but due some circumstances, the date was brought earlier and minus the three days and two nights trip. we were damn sad and dissapointed with the plan. nevertheless, we had to go because it's a must for our 03 project.

the bad news was, mostly students didn't want to join because they had bought the tickets to go home and some of them said it didn't worth it. for class rep from each class, he or she will need to go to proceed with reports and send them next week. and i was one of them. huhu....

again, i had to collect the trip fees. i was so tired collecting money for three books and one for a subject's material. and now, the trip fees? i had asked my classmates, even the closest ones for help but none of them respond to my plead. i didn't even know what had got into them this semester?

i needed their help because the money i was holding, they weren't that little. if i lost them, the blame will be mine. since they were not helping and if i lost the money, i will blame them back. they couldn't strive back because i'm the class rep, right?

okay, this morning, i received a few calls and messages regarding the trip and the fees. the lecturers were so mad and dissapointed with out batch's attitude. they said, to those who didn't want to join the trip, they cannot join any trip starting next semester onwards. that's a message from a lecturer. another message came into my inbox from another lecturer, saying that if this thing kept on going, probably there will be no trip for our batch until our final year.

i was destructed as i read those messages. i immediately sent an apology representing my class to one of the lecturer but i didn't receive any reply.

anyway, i hope the lecturers will calm down back and think about it again. :)

alright, i just got a message from a class rep from C class. she asked me to submit the fees. okay, i had to go now. bye! wish me luck for tomorrow's trip. :D

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