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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Zero Three

dear blog,

Zero Three is a title that refers to 03. third semester.

i'm already a grown up university girl and without realizing it, i am a second year student in fine art course. how time passes by so fast. i can't even believe at where i am now. i'm not boasting for such a lousy place i am right now but i am telling you guys that i am proud of myself.

okay, this semester, i got the same room and same roommates as well but only one of them didn't get a place so my ex-neighbour joined us for a while, waiting for the 'rayuan'.

at first, it's sad to separate with my family since i got only a month to spend with them. it's not enough. anyway, during the first day of lecture, most of the lecturers weren't there so we paced around the faculty, watching over the juniors making their way to their respective classes with bunch of drawing equipments in their hands. they remembered me of myself. :)

my class was missing four regular classmates. because of last semester's incident, they moved to B class. so in total, our class which is A, had 17 classmates. there're only two boys. the others were girls. what made us so mad was, when each A and B class was waiting for the lecturer to come, the four EX-classmates only talked to B class since they had joined them. okay, fine. if that what you want but do feel friendly okay? just come to us and talk like we used to. i beg your pardon?

even going to the cafes, we were like two tribes after a battle, separated like there will be no reunite.

next, i was picked to be the class rep. i didn't want to because i do not want to lead people because i am myself, a person that follows people around. but it's too late to back away. perhaps i won't let my classmates rely to the fullest just on me. they should cooperate too, right? right.

i think that's all for now. feeling sleepy.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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