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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another hiatus?

dear blog,
again, i make another hiatus. okay, the first reason that i would have said is of course, BUSY? yup, i AM  busy for time being and i do want to keep in touch with my blog but i just couldn't. usually, when i wanna write an entry, i feel too tired. i don't know why. in my head, i keep telling myself, just write what comes to my mind and make it short. it doesn't have to be the usual long with pictures. but i don't do it.


alright, last Sunday, i came back to Perak from a 'nice' mid semester break. and last week, i struggled back to catch up with my unfinished assignments. and you know what? on Thursday, my pals and i went out to buy our art materials and we stopped by at a durian stall. we bought a bunch of it. a bunch? was it? hehe...pass.

at night, we went to an event and right after that, we went straight to a pal's room to have a durian feast. but too bad, luck was not on our side. most of the durians couldn't be eaten. we could only eat three to four durians something like that.

then, on Friday evening, we went to have dinner at KFC. :)

on the next day, at noon, my roommate, a neighbour and i went to have our first taste of Secret Recipe. the cakeshop had just opened its wings on that Friday. it wasn't my pals' first time. i was.

i remembered my aunt last year that she bought a whole cake from Secret Recipe named Chocolate Indulgence. so i thought of that cake. and i ordered for it. RM6.80 per slice. okay, i gulped. my roommate ordered for Pechan Butterscotch while my neighbour went for her favourite brownies and a new recipe, Chocolate Raspberry something like that. they even ordered themselves sweet drinks that cost above RM5.

okay, this is not me

i was reluctant to spend such money ONLY at that expensive and exclusive cakeshop so i ordered for a glass of plain water. RM0.50. there.

actually, we didn't eat lunch yet so we ate a bit this time? but we became slower because of the taste and the cream. but i finished mine because i didn't want to waste a penny. plain water helped me to neutralised my mouth and my throat after eating a full creamy dessert. suddenly, my roommate and the neighbour asked for some. hehe...see? the power of plain water! :D

lastly, i asked for another plain water. and i wondered why, the drink tasted great in there. :)

later, we decided to have a REAL lunch so we headed to a cafe across the cakeshop. we had Tom Yam. i stuffed myself with Tom Yam fried rice, Kailan veggie with fermented fish and a glass of plain water...again. just to save money. hehe....

my roommate tasted my veggie and she loved it because she only ate certain vegetables and to shorten it, she didn't like to one. but on that time, she favoured my Kailan. :)

change topic.

okay, tomorrow's the first day of fasting. 1/8/2011....and wanna know what? i didn't feel like it's already Ramadhan. :)

just now i made my painting for tomorrow's class and my roommates and i went to the cafe to buy food for 'sahur'. after that, i cleaned up my place, performed my solah and tarawih and now it's time to sleep.

night, guys!

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