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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fascinating memories

dear blog,

again, i had been leaving my blog for a week and a half now. but honestly, i was damn busy starting right after my trip to Penang.

anyway, let me post my artworks that i made for my assignments. they weren't that good but i tried.

okay, how's it? hehe....:P

in the mean time, my faculty will be holding an international event entitled The 8th Asia Fiber Art (AFA) Exhibition & Symposium 2011 Malaysia. artists from Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia will be involved. not those singer or actors kind of artist. these're the one that are included in arts.

fiber arts means that any artwork that conclude using recycle things or clothes, threads, ropes something like that. by the way, my class was chosen to help my lecturer's outdoor fiber artwork. we were so excited and on last Saturday, we came to an area beside a bookstore to make the project.

the project was like, net of memorable things. when we were finished, anyone can put their unwanted things to   tie them up on the net made by us. it was so hard for us when we had to promote to students walking by about our project. some of them ran away, some of them showed no interest but just nodded, and some of them were willing to listen for a minute. but, the result was that luring.

this morning, we were disappointed with other students because we couldn't see any response. there's no unwanted things on the net! they didn't understand what does art stand for. they still looked at it as something unimportant to them.

so we just walked along our hostels to ask for the objects. it wasn't much and it's better than none, right?

when we doing our work outdoor, we saw a bus coming in to our faculty. and there they were! the japanese, korean, and etc artists. i was so happy and nervous. suddenly, after 5 minutes something like that, a group of Japanese artists came to our place to browse. they wore summer wears and the look on their faces were unspeakable. i shouted 'ohayo gozaimasu!' and the group responded with smiles on their faces. just then, an old japanese artist was taking picture of our work and as he walked away, he saw me. i greeted him by saying the usual morning say 'Ohayo...' but he replied, 'Selamat pagi'. i was numb. and i smiled.

okay, probably he learned it before coming here. hehe...

later, when we were finished, we went to our faculty's new gallery. there was a bunch of overseas artists, setting up their artworks at each determined spot. at first, we were chased out by our lecturer because the place was congested. obviously, we should take attendance by going there, if not, we're going to need to join an induction soon. but, what was happening if they chased us out?

to cool ourselves down, wani, cicak and i went to buy drinks. after drinking it up, we went back to the gallery to see if there's anything that we can do. cicak and wani were afraid to come in. but i just stepped inside. i saw my lecturer and gave him his car keys. he was helping a japanese artist, a woman to set up her artwork.

my lecturer asked us to help her. there were three of us. firstly, she introduced herself in Japanese and then she flipped through a stapled papers of information about someone else.

she said, "my teacher."
we nodded. "oh, you're teacher."
she stopped for a while to make up a sentence in english but in force. we just giggled.
then, she said, " no-no."
"oh!" we replied finally. "she can't come to Malaysia," we said and the artist smiled eagerly.

later, we settled back to her teacher's artwork. based on a manual and a picture, we did the set up in difficulty since we couldn't communicate properly. it didn't matter on us to learn or understand Japanese because the artist herself should know english to talk to us. but anyway, we tried to be comfortable with each other and had it done.

after we're finished, the artist went to have her lunch while the three of us waited there. it's a fun and important experience to us to help someone like her. from Japanese, okay! :D

in the evening, we went back to the gallery and helped our seniors there. then, we took our tea. while taking the food, i saw the room next to the place i was standing, was fulled with AFA t-shirts. i told my pals and we squealed secretly. we asked the lecturers in charge about it. she said, for students, there will be only 60 copies for tomorrow's event.

we were afraid that we couldn't get the chance to buy tomorrow so i decided to buy it today. so, we did. in funny way. haha! :P

the next day on 12th of July, we went to the opening of the big event. the event started an hour and a half late. i was kind of embarrassed with the international artists since they came from countries that put punctuality in the first place. finally, the event went well. there were a traditional dance show and a fashion show based on fiber art.

after the event ended, my pals and i went to the office management faculty to observe the artworks located there. we saw a booth held by a group of graphic design students which one of them was my friend too. we knew each other through facebook and blog ever since we entered here. they made doodles. so cute! so i bought  a handmade keychain and a beg with my name doodled on it.

i think that's all for now. i didn't have the mood to share the pictures for the time being. probably next time. :)

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