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Friday, July 15, 2011

A week of joy? Maybe....

dear blog,

i had arrived safely to Klang, at my grandma's house. she wanted to hold a 'kenduri tahlil' between families only tomorrow so instead of buying the ticket home to my house at Shah Alam, i bought the one that went straight to my village.

okay, i was tired actually even though the journey wasn't that bad. was it?

yeah, it was when i couldn't hold any longer to pee. it was rainy during the journey and it was damn cold in the bus so it made me wanna pee. i thought the driver would stop at any oil station so i waited, waited and waited. okay, my face had gone red. i texted my dad, asking how much longer the journey will be from where the bus is. he answered, one hour and a half more and he insisted me to stop the bus at any oil station to do the 'business'.

so i asked a student in front to say it to the bus driver. and thank goodness, there was a petronas there and he stopped. i could feel that the other students were reluctant to climb off the bus maybe because they were afraid to lose bus or they couldn't believe the bus stopped. so i was the first person to go out of the bus. then, the others followed. you wanna know what? they are tons of students who wanted to pee too! haha!

if i didn't stop the bus, who will, right? :)

okay, that's all. i wanna sleep now. tomorrow's a big day. got tons of assignments waiting for me in the luggage. hehe.

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