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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


dear blog,

you wanna know what? here's my assignments....

1) BEL 311- exercise in textbook
                  - final draft
                    (submit on Monday 8/8/11)

2) Painting- study of colour on canvas (submit on Monday 8/8/11)

3) Printmaking - plate hatching (submit on Tuesday 9/8/11)

4) CTU 281- notes
                   - test
                    (on Tuesday 9/8/11)

5) Sculpture- mould (submit on Wednesday 10/8/11)

6) History- notes
                - first draft
                  (submit on Wednesday 10/8/11)

7) Time-based media- complete line and monochrome (submit on Wednesday 10/8/11)

8) Drawing- proceed picture
                 - pumpkin full drawing
                 - mix media drawing

9) Drama- memorize script (on Thursday 11/8/11)

10) EAD 211- comprehensive drawing of CD cover

on-going assignments....

1) Printmaking- journal
2) Sculpture- journal
3) Karya seni for CTU 281

and now it is already Ramadhan season, and it's kind of culture shock when i have to wake up for i could not wake up for 'sahur'. i went to classes each day beneath hot weather. you will never know the difficulty to fast in Perak. the hot weather is DAMN HOT!!!!

it's been like....4 times i went to class late. very late. until i had to call the lecturer to inform about me coming late. and i was soooo dissapointed in myself. recently, since the final is coming up, i had tons of assignments.

yeah, you guys must be thinking that what did i do during weekends, right? to ask me to do the assignments on Saturday and Sunday. hell, yeah!

those two days aren't enough because each assignment takes time to be done. and it needs perfection. and when i do that, it makes me wanna rest and go out of campus to release tension and it buys my time. a lot. by the way, doing the assignments totally makes me so tired. since Ramadhan started, i only sleep for two hours. five hours was like....heaven.

i had to buy canvas for my final painting and that place needed me to walk there. not by car or bus. and the hot weather killed me. i almost bought a drink and to break my fast i was so thirsty and tired walking around the area to buy art equipment.

anyway, wish me luck in everything that i do. it's tougher this semester. 10 subjects and tons of assignments to handle....*sigh*


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