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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tik Tok!!!!!!

dear blog,

yeah...after i had posted my previous entry about hari raya, i had zero mood to blog.



it's final fever.

i attended the final week's classes and last week, i spent days at the sculpture studio to proceed with my final project. i had to do metal casting. and that was under the subject sculpture. not to forget, painting, drawing, time-based media, printmaking and typography.

let me list out the dates of the assessments for all those projects and my final papers too...

1. BEL 311-19/9/11 (2.15pm) *paper
2. CTU 281-24/9/11 (9am) *paper
3. painting-26/9/11 (2.30pm)
4. sculpture-29/9/11 (9am)
5. drawing-29/9/11 (2.15pm)
6. typography-30/9/11 (9am)
7. time-based media-30/9/11 (9am-1pm)
8. printmaking-4/10/11 (8.30pm)
9. VCL 215-5/10/11 (9am) *paper

there.....are you happy? eh! no! no! AM I HAPPY?!

semester 3 is giving me so much trouble and i'm not sure if i can do better than last time....and my confidence towards achieving dean's list again is kind of....far away....but i won't give's just that, i don't want other people to put high hopes on me. i wanna do what i can...

okay, for the time being, i won't be online like usual because my broadband has expired. hehe....right now, i'm online in a library.

okay, after a long time without there are!

 this was taken on a Sunday evening....a very windy can see the trees were all been blown to the left and i couldn't open my umbrella at all! so i canceled my plan of going out to buy things. huhu...


 okay, this was taken before going home for Hari Raya. it was during fasting month. i was damn busy that time and see? i couldn't see my desk!

 there...after i spent for 10 minutes of cleaning up, least, i can put my laptop.

 on 13th of september 2011, i had a drama show. it was held in private because of some problems but it was so much fun! i gained new friends!

 with Syafira Hashim! she was my roommate and in drama club group B.

 my tired face. that day was so pack!!!!! from 8 am-12am of non-stop! i couldn't rest at all! in the morning, i had work at the studio until evening. and i had one class that evening and at 5.30pm, i had to go to the drama show's place to practice. at 9pm, the drama show until midnight!!! can't you believe that, that day was so pack till i couldn't even perform my Zohor and Asar solah! i had to qada' later on. but right after i arrived at my room, i was expecting to rest, but my pal asked for my help for her work. i helped in tiredness and when she went out to print out something, i passed out. hehe....

 this picture was captured at my sculpture studio, at my faculty's backyard. the thing i was stirring was hot wax. it was for wax casting where later, i would pour the hot wax into my mould. right now, i had already finish the metal casting. 

a day before my BEL311 paper. that night, i walked outside of college after having dinner with my roommate. we decided to take photos there. pretty, wasn't it? hehe...:D

 Hari Anugerah Dekan Dec-April 2011....on the above picture, i was standing between Zharif and Amirul. those two were from graphic department, same part. i knew Zharif because he joined the same drama club as i was and for Amirul, i knew him before entering UITM. he was my blogger's pal. we met here.


with classmates...well done, guys! let's get more dean's list after this! :D

ta-da! don't get me wrong! i don't wear's my pal's glasses...just wanna try. just got back from the 'majlis anugerah' and was at typography class.

original photo from my was real....i took it while walking to my campus after i had bought groceries.

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