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Thursday, October 20, 2011

About Aimonaz II

dear blog,

last year, i had posted an entry about myself. that's the first part. now, i'll be writing for the second one. :) nothing much to do actually. hehe....

1. egg tart
- you wanna know something? i DON'T like egg tart. i don't know why. just put seven trays of hot egg tarts in front of me, i won't eat. :)

2. sleep
- that's one of my hobby. even though i have a lot of work to be done that time and the deadlines are near, i will still find myself time to sleep.

3. short message
- i'm a girl who prefers to text a message SHORTLY and simple. besides, i don't know the whole 'sms language' and i type as 'baku' as i can. so 'kampung' right?

4. during sleep
- while sleeping, i like to hold something. not hug something. HOLD something. for example, during a bus trip,  i will hold an empty mineral bottle to lullaby me into a deep sleep. just give anything like a small ball, or a stick or etc that is safe for me to sleep.

5. Incredible Hulk
- yeah, think about that green thing. the truth is, i have a body of man-like. there's once after i peed, of course you're gonna need to flush, right? but i ended up break that handle. and after i take a shower, the person after me will need to ask someone else to turn the pillar's head since i turn it so tight before that. besides, my roommate tells me that my body is masculine because she has seen me wearing singlet. ?

6. small hands and feet
- yup, i have small hands. even a person who is smaller than me, her or his hands are bigger than mine. feet? hell yeah. i change shoes only once in a year because there's no specific size for me. i would go for the size 4 but when i try that shoes, i still have to find 3.5....but where? O_O

7. sweet-talker boy
- 100% KAMEHAMEHA!!!!! it means that i DON'T like sweet-talker kind of guy. because? because i'm not a sweet-talker girl. haha. so stupid. what i mean is, i'm not a girl who talks to cover 'ayu'. i'm a salt-talker! anyway, i have experienced being sent messages from a guy who has just knew me. he texts me with jelly-melly words! euuwww~ and he is expecting for me to fall for him. talk to the hand, buddy. seriously, i dislike that kind of guy. maybe because i never have a boyfriend. but even if i do, it'll be a pain in the ass if he's a candy.

8. cold-hearted, dorky, shy, very into his career, hip-hop boy
- say yes. hehe....those are on my list for future boyfriend or husband. hoho! i like a guy who speaks when he wants to. i like a guy who is dorky towards his friends, not me. i like a guy who is so shy towards girls. i like a guy who has a sense of style, probably more into hip-hop. i also like a guy who is very dedicated with his career. take Zico from Block B as an example. :D

okay....that's all for now. :) will continue this in the future

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