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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fireworks at midnight

dear blog,

yeah, it's Deepavali day tomorrow and right now i'm hearing a bunch of fireworks in front of my house. so damn near! but anyhow, i recorded it. for fun. :)

anyways, just now i've joined an online free course for creative writers. *clap* :D

just gotta know about it via facebook and i immediately joined it! actually, it is a 7 days of e-mail course and the registers have to pay for the fee. i neither have a visa card nor a penny so i asked the admin for free courses. and he or she replied that there's a 3 day of free courses. :)

hope that course will help me with my creative writing. if you guys are interested to join or visit, click here. if you want it for 3 days of free charge lesson, click here.

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