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Friday, October 21, 2011

How do i improve my English?

dear blog,

i don't know whether you guys wanna read this or not but i'll just post it. based on the title, i'm not bragging. i'm not telling you guys about how perfect or how fluent i am in English. it's just average.

in this post, i'm going to list out the ways to improve your English. but it is more on my own ways. quite of. sort of...uh! nothing, nothing. :)

1. read anything that has got to do with your favourites
- yup, i must say that's true. reading is the main way to be good in English. nothing else. for example, i like romance-comedy novel. so i read that genre. it is somehow makes you remember the way the author uses the right grammar, past tense, present tense, past present tense and etc....when i was in form 3, everyday i went to the library to borrow English novels. there's a rack filled with my all-time favourite novels. there were for about 40 and above number of series and i had finished all. :D thus, somehow, this way improves me a lot.

2. read out loud
- take for about 10 minutes or so per day or triple times a week to read an English article. this is to make sure your pronunciation is correct. without realizing, if you keep on doing it for fun or etc, you'll know the correct pronunciation of those English words.

3. write story
- this one. after reading so many things, i'm encouraged to write my own stories. sometimes the idea floods out like waterfall but i won't mind my grammar or vocab. but after doing it again and again, i know my mistakes and correct it immediately. now, it's been my hobby. :)

4. vocabulary handbook
- i remember this one time when my dad asked me and other siblings to read an encyclopedia and list out the words that we didn't know. we were still in secondary school. using the dictionary is a must in this process and by listing out the vocabulary, you'll no problem to read any article later on. besides, i'm still doing the handbook of vocabs for my writing. and it's a habit. until i make it as 'Word of the day' section on my blog.

5. getting involved in a web group of international fans
- uh....what i mean is, i favour K-pop a very long time ago and i'm still now. usually, when you search for a page that features about K-pop like Allkpop, Daily Kpop News and Youtube, the medium used is English. the commentators are all from various foreign countries. so, after watching  a video of it, i will leave a comment in English of course. and when the other fans reply, it is somehow they understand our English and we interact.

6. watch anime, Japanese drama or Korean drama
- it's a hobby and  i must say, it helps me a lot. they use good and simple English for the subtitles. of course we're gotta read it fast but it makes me understand the story.

 that's all for now....:) if you already have your own way or are even better in English than me, that's great.


  1. aku suka cara kau belaja english.... sama macam apa yg aku buat....aku masukkan sikit dengan dengar lagu2 english sambil men gitar

  2. hehe....cara ko pon ok ape cume aku klau lagu english x brape lyn sgt...:)