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Saturday, October 15, 2011

So damn sad...:'(

dear blog,

i have one thing to confess to you guys in this entry.

it's about my blog. this blog and my second blog. as you all know that i use English as the medium, right? and you know what? THAT'S THE MAIN CAUSE FOR ANY OF YOU WHO DON'T EVEN WANT TO VISIT AND READ.....


it's just that, i want to share with you guys about what i do every day just like other bloggers. and i appreciate it if you give comments so that i acknowledge new things whether to improve or not. being a great blogger is one of my wishes and the main supporter is readers.

i have just blogwalked some of my pals' blogs and other bloggers'. they use major Malay language and it attracts people to read their entries and even comment. okay, i know Malay is our 'Bahasa Ibunda' in Malaysia and of course for Malaysian bloggers, Malay is the main medium in writing.

i don't insult my own language. i write in English because i want to improve more in that second language. besides, English the most comfortable way for me to express what's in my mind that turns out to be a writing.

for my second blog, it is WAY MUCH BADDER than this first-born blog. Silent Writings blog is a site where i post all my novels that i have written for years before. i search for friends to be my followers and read my story. every writer will be happy and encouraged once his or her stories is favoured and commented by readers. WHO DOESN'T?

for now, it's only 26 followers and 1-2 comments. i don't write for alien. other unofficial e-novel writers out there write their stories in Malay and even have their own favourite readers. the readers themselves ask for more. i search for any other e-novel who writes the genre i like, but end up finding the full Malay one.

it seems that i am babbling and complaining, right? just dare with it.

i am hoping for my friends who are near with me and know me to read those stories because i am their friend. a friend that has a hobby that is likely to be done by teenagers nowadays. a hobby that needs support for improvement.

if i can support them, why can't i be supported?

that's all for now. thanks, It's Me Today for being my loyal friend. Silent Writings, just wait there. i'm going to help you later. don't cry. :)


  1. jgn irau..ak sntiasa follow ko nye blog..haha..da tgk blog ak??

  2. hehe....thnks! :) otw nk tgk ni....hehe